We are on a mission

to preserve the magic of childhood.

At Fashion with Meaning, we believe no girl should have to grow up too fast. That's why each purchase helps stop the sexual exploitation of children.

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It's personal.

Our founder, Láyla, is a survivor of childhood sexual exploitation. (Yes, tragically, this crime is still happening in Canada, today.)

It's time for us to band together and make it stop.

Childhood sexual exploitation has been described as "The end of childhood." That's why we donate 10% of our profits to Beyond borders by EPCAT Canada.

The numbers don't lie.

Our research showed that 83% of Beyond Borders revenues go directly towards their mission of protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation. Charity Navigator gives them a rating of 89.32, "Give with Confidence" - including full marks of 100.00 for transparency and accountability. (2021) Learn more here.

"I'm a man. How can I help?"

"Stopping child sexual exploitation is complicated. For it to stop, everyone needs to play a part. That includes men." - beyondborders.org

Here are 3 things YOU can do to help, right now:

1. Read "Are you man enough to stop the demand?" by Beyond Borders.

2. Speak up to your male friends about harmful attitudes that sexually exploit youth.

3. Shop Fashion with Meaning for a gift for the woman in your life.

Your purchase helps stop the sexual exploitation of children.

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