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Meet founder Láyla Messner

Headshot of Fashion with Meaning founder Layla Messner cooling off in a waterfall on a hot day. By outdoor adventure photographer Kelly Russell of Canmore, Alberta, Canada."To be free and natural as a wild animal has always been my central preoccupation. My goal is to inhabit and enjoy my female body without editing my impulses to conform with purity culture or the male gaze.

'I am for me. My body is for me.' This is the message I want to help women give through their clothes. 

We are entitled to sensuality and agency. Femininity and power. And the freedom to live our lives as we see fit, with full creative expression. 

Fashion with Meaning is all about liberation." - Láyla Messner

To connect with Láyla, visit LaylaMessner.com or follow @laylamessner on the gram.


Photograph copyright © 2021 Kelly Russell.