Adulting, meet fairy dust.

What if your fairy godmother showed up before work every morning?

And conjured that perfect dress. The one that reminds you of who you really are and makes you feel 100% free to be yourself.

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A message from our founder...

  • Made-to-order fashion.

    Our mothers taught us not to waste. So when you order, we send your details to your your fairy godmother (a.k.a. our manufacturer), who whips up your fashion piece.

  • Hand-painted designs.

    Our magical, hand-painted designs allow you to claim your superpowers for the world to see. Whether you're a dreamer, a warrior, a healer (or all three), we've got a look for you!

  • A deeper meaning.

    We believe that beauty is less about how you look - and more about what you do. That's why each purchase helps protect girls from growing up too fast.

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Girls support girls.

We believe that no girl should have to grow up too fast. That's why each purchase helps preserve the magic of childhood.

Learn more about our giveback mission. (Trigger warning: childhood trauma.)

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