• Fashion with Meaning founder and designer Layla Messner next to a beautiful lake with the reflection of the Three Sisters mountains in Canmore, AB, Canada. Photo taken by photographer and videographer Kelly Russell.

    Clothe Yourself in Freedom

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Clothe Yourself in Freedom

Don't let them civilize you

Made-to-order Fashion

Just say NO to Sweatshops.

Just say NO to mass-produced clothes.

Just say NO no wastefulness.

Just say HELL NO to wearing what everyone else is wearing.

This Dress is Your Permission Slip

"Growing up, I was expected to hide who I really was. Fashion was one of the only ways I could express my natural self. Now I create clothing that empowers other women to be their bold, playful selves...

Láyla Messner, Founder & Designer

Just Say Yes


Each fashion piece is made-to-order in Canada. Our hand-painted designs are based on expressive contemporary art.

No more blending in. Let your true self shine for all the world to see.

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